A Family Stays Closely Connected Even While Moving To A Larger Home

A Family Stays Closely Connected Even While Moving To A Larger Home


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  • Type: 2х этажный
  • Brand: Whipple Russell Architects
  • Release Date: May 06, 2015
  • Pros:

    The architect’s description

    Our clients for this project were a family intent upon staying closely connected even while moving to a considerably larger home. This was accomplished with the use of energy efficient glass walls throughout, an open floor plan, and sight lines between floating levels and rooms allowing the family members to stay connected visually throughout the space.

  • Cons:

    They also had a passion for modernism and had collected art pieces that we included in our 3D models to make sure scale and placement were considered. One of the owners is a well-known sports agent making the entertaining of adults as well as teenage children and their friends an essential design goal.

  • Conclusion:

    Summit house holds examples of our interest in both modern functionality and innovation. Prior to construction, an old home on the property was intricately deconstructed so that building materials, fixtures and appliances could be reused or donated to non-profit organizations. The new residence is a series of vertical and horizontal floating planes.

Whipple Russell Architects have designed the Summit House, a home for a family in Beverly Hills, California.


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