Link House by The Ranch Mine

Link House by The Ranch Mine

Cavin Costello from The Ranch Mine has sent us his latest project named Link, a contemporary house in Phoenix, Arizona.

Link is an infill house in the historic Pierson Place neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. The house is named “Link” as it was the last vacant parcel in the neighborhood, or as we saw it, the missing link. My firm The Ranch Mine, comprised of myself and my wife Claire, was hired by Evan Boxwell of Boxwell Southwest to design a 2000 SF, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom spec house on this vacant lot.

The house is designed as part of the urban fabric connecting it both to its site and its neighborhood, visually and physically. Sliding glass walls, 24 feet wide, enable the homeowner to open up the entire living space of the house, extending the living area outdoors to either the private backyard, the social front yard, or both. The living and dining area of the house essential can transform into an open air pavilion, ideal for entertaining. The bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage areas of the house are located in the private, main volume of the house.

The house uses large overhangs to shade the large glass doors from April through October, and those doors provide unbelievable cross ventilation to cool the house on the cool desert nights. LED lighting and advanced framing construction also help to keep this house incredibly energy efficient. The house had to pass The City of Phoenix Historic Preservation committee, so the design focused on abstracting the common scale, form and massing of the existing houses in the historic district into a contemporary interpretation.

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