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Резиденция Принца Филиппа

Thellend Фортин Architectes завершили расширение одноэтажного проживания в Монреале, Канада, который изначально был построен в 1960 году. [toggle title=»From the architect»]. This project involved the expansion of a spacious single-story


The Armadale House by Newline Design

Jon Mikulic, founder of Newline Design, has completed his own contemporary home, a renovated Victorian home that had to be flexible enough for a family lifestyle. The home is located


Дизайн нового латиноамериканского искусства музея в Майами

FR-EE / Fernando Romero EnterprisE have announced their concept design for LAAM, the Latin American Art Musuem, that will be located in Miami, Florida. You can watch a video about the project – here


Дизайн часов «НЕ БЕСПОКОИТЬ»

[toggle title=»About the clocks»].. You’ll look at it without wanting to know the time. Do not Disturb is a clocks collection that intended to be a non-intrusive object for your

Архитектура Дизайн

Дом отдыха для молодой семьи в Shelley Point

[toggle title=»From the architect»]. Brief “The brief was to create a holiday home for a young family that could be enjoyed by an extended circle of friends and family. The


Paeco дом в Кастель ди Лама, Италия.

[toggle title=»Описание»] Здание вызывает некоторые характеристики элементов архитектуры Марке, особенно за счет использования таких материалов, как кирпич, типичной для сельских зданий. Два больших и полных форм, белые, прозрачные, средиземноморские, отдыхают на


Travis Price Architects designs a home in the forest

[toggle title=»From the architect»].. The home is a path through the West Va hills. The path splits and meanders to know where… to know where nothing is left but self


Architect Randy Bens has designed a contemporary family home in West Vancouver, Canada.

[soundcloud url=»″ comments=»true» auto_play=»false» color=»ff7700″ width=»100%» height=»81″] Architect Randy Bens has designed a contemporary family home in West Vancouver, Canada. [toggle title=»From the architect»]. Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia